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Act 12 of 1964.- The Laws relating to land and land revenue administration of Mysore, Bombay, Hyderbad and Coorg area have been codified in the respective Land Revenue Codes or Acts. but, in the Madras Are, the administration of land and land revenue is being carried on under the Board’s Standing Orders and in accordance with about 23 enactments dealing with particular aspects of land and land revenue. Even through basically there are no material differences in principle among the several laws in the different areas of the State, it is desirable and administratively convenient to have a uniform law governing land and land revenue administration for the State of Mysore. Hence this Bill.

(Published in the Kanataka Gazette (Extraordinary) Part IV-2A dated 9th August, 1962. p. 594.)

Amending Act 9 of 1965.—It is considered that in respect of dry lands, rain-fed wet lands and rain-fed garden lands, standard rate of land revenue for land of one hundred per cent classification value in that class should be four per cent of the value of the average yield of such land. It is also considered that in respect of plantations, the standard rate should be one per cent of the value of the average yield of lands of that class of one hundred per cent classification value.
In so far as the irrigated wet lands and irrigated garden lands are concerned, it is considered that for the purposes of land revenue, they should be treated as though they are dry lands and the land revenue applicable to the lands of that classification
442 Land Revenue [1964: KAR. ACT 12
value of dry land of that class in that locality should be levied and that water rate may be levied separately under the provisions of the Mysore Irrigation (Levy of Betterment Contribution and Water Rate) Act, 1957.
It was originally intended that the new rates of assessment should be brought into force from the year 1965-66. On account of the fact that the consideration of the Settlement Reports has taken more time than was anticipated, it is proposed to make necessary amendments so as to enable Government to levy land revenue according to resettlement even if the new rates are actually introduced in the course of the revenue year. Hence the Bill.
Opportunity has been taken to make certain other amendments of a minor nature.

(Published in the Karnataka Gazette (Extraordinary), Part IV-2A, dated 18th April, 1965, as No. 90, p. 6.)


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