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Sale Deed Registration

Sale Deed Registration in Bengaluru

Sale Deed Registration in Bengaluru

Sale Deed Registration – Section 17 of Registration Act

The Registration of the sale deed, the sale deed is also called as the Absolute sale Deed which is the final step for the purchasing the property. The sale deed is registered in the Sub- Registrar’s office by paying the exact stamp value depending upon the area or location of the property. The registration of the Said document makes the property or permanent public record if it’s not registered the transaction will have no value legally.

Once the property is identified for the purchase by the property buyer and they start for verification of the property documents for it genuinity and seeks if the property having a good marketability to legally purchase the property and finalise the transaction. One should register the absolute sale deed at the concerned jurisdictional sub-registrar office by the seller executing the sale deed in the favour of the purchaser and this would be the final process in purchasing of the property.

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