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Khata Certificate and Khata Extract in Bangalore

Khata Certificate and Khata Extract

A Khata , truly implies a record. Khata is subsequently a record of an individual who has property with the municipalty , as additionally account of assessment of property owners within the Corporation’s jurisdiction. Khata contains important details of properties concerned, such as the name of owner, the size of buildings etc., its location and the tax to which it is assessed.

There are two ‘Khata’ related documents from the BBMP.
These are
(a) Khata Certificate and
(b) Khata Extract.

All property owners who hold property within the jurisdiction of the BBMP are eligible to obtain a Khata document from the BBMP.

Khata Certificate

Khata Certificate is a document which identifies the ownership of a property. It is provided to a taxpayer for registering a new property, transferring any property or for availing the various amenities such as water connection, trade license, building license, etc.
The Certificate can be obtained by submitting a letter of requisition to the Assistant officer, supported with the details and receipts of the latest tax payment. The certificate is normally issued in a week’s time.

Khata certificate states that a particular property No ‘123’ stands in the name of a particular person A.

Khata certificate is required for following purposes:
1) For Registration of a new property
2) For Transfer of any property
3) To Apply for water connection, electricity connection and building license etc

Khata Extract

Khata Extract specifies the details about the property taxes due for a particular property, as well as information connected with the size of the property, location of the property, built-up area of the property, purpose of utilization, annual value, etc taken from the assessment register of the BBMP. As is the case with a certificate, a Khata extract could be obtained by submitting a letter of requisition, along with the relevant documents.

Khata certificate or Khata extract is only evidence that property tax has been paid on the said property. Khata certificate or Khata extract does not confer any ownership of property on the person in whose name it stands.

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