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Rectification Deed in Bengaluru

Rectification Deed in Bengaluru

Rectification Deed.

The Rectification deed is also known as correction deed. This deed of rectification are entered between both the parties to rectify any errors made in a previous deed. These errors may include typing error, misspelled name, and error in the description of the property documents. These types of mistakes can be corrected even after the execution of the deeds through the rectification deed.

The rectification deed is made to correct the error which must be genuine. It must be inadvertent not intentional and all the parties must agree to the rectification and the rectification deed must be registered and it may attract the stamp duty. But mainly it must not alter the scope of the original document or violate any regulations. Also care must be taken to ensure that the rectification doesn’t deprive either party of their rights. 


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