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Sub-Registrar office in Byatarayanapura

Sub-Registrar office in Kacharakanahalli

Properties in and around Kodigehalli , Sahakaranagara etc will be registered in Byatarayanapura Sub-Registrar office.

Sub-Registrar office in Byatarayanapura
3rd Cross Rd, Near Balamuri Ganapathi temple,
Tatanagar, Kodigehalli,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560092

Sub-Registrar office in Kacharakanahalli
Sub-Registrar office in Byatarayanapura

Byatarayanapura Sub-Registrar office is located near Ganapati Temple , Tatanagar

Are you looking for any assistance with regard to any of the following services in Byatarayanapura – sub registrar office

  • Drafting and Registration of Sale Deeds, Sale Agreements , Mortgage Deeds , Power of Attorney and Gift Deeds
  • Encumbrance Certificate (EC)
  • Certified Copies of Documents registered with sub registrar office.
  • Khata Related Services such as Khata Transfer, Khata Amalgamation , Khata Bifurcation with BBMP, BDA and Panchatya
  • Marriage Registration under Special Marriage Act and Hindu Marriage Act
  • Adjudication of General Power of Attorney and Other property related documents with the office of the Deputy Registrar.
  • Liasion services with Sub-registrar, Deputy registrar , BBMP , BDA and other Govt offices.

Contact us at  +91 98869 42117

Jurisdiction areas under Byatarayanapura Sub-Registrar Office
Kodigehalli , Tatanagar, Sahakaranagar,
Balajilayout, Thindlu, NTI Layout Phase 1 and 2
Devarajeevanhalli, Lingarajpura,
Vshwanathanagenalli, Guddadahallli

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