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We provide end to end property management solutions along with individual services

Written Title Opinion

Get the property validated before you buy. Avoid buying property with legal deviations.

1. All the property documents will be validated by our eminent panel of property lawyers.
2. We will prepare a detailed written title opinion on the property.
3. We source the documents from the builder/developer if necessary.
4. We procure documents from Government, Judicial and quasi-judicial authorities thereby saving you time and effort.
5. We scrutinize the draft agreement to avoid unfair clauses and balance the rights of seller and purchaser.
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Sale deed registration

One stop solution from Property document verification till registration

1. Scrutiny of title
2. Sourcing of documents
3. inspection of originals
4. Drafting agreement of sale
5. Drafting sale deed
6. Registration of sale deed
7. Take over of parent original documents from Seller


1. Assessment of dues – property tax and betterment tax
2. Preparation of Affidavits required
3. Advise on A and B Khata
4. Estimation of fees
5. Preparation of DD for commissioner
6. Khata procurement

Association formation

Register Association and protect rights and interests of the residents.

1. Formation of society and association
2. Coordination with members
3. Drafting byelaws
4. Registration
5. Assistance in convening the first Annual general meeting

Outsourced legal team for builders / developers

Outsource your legal department. We provide end to end services.

1. Title Scrutiny and written title opinion
2. Answering all queries from bank lawyers
3. Sourcing of documents
4. Conversion of land
5. Drafting and registering Joint Development Agreement and Power of Attorney
6. Drafting sale and construction agreement for purchasers
7. Registration of sale deed in favour of purchasers
8. Khata transfer in favour of purchasers
9. Association formation

Encumbrance Certificate

Encumbrance refers to any charges/liabilities/dues on a property.
Encumbrance Certificate or EC, as it is commonly known, helps the property buyer understand if there are any existing loans or mortgages associated with that property.
An EC is issued by the Registration Authorities of the particular location where the property lies.

Other Services

We provide other property management services apart from the ones listed. So if you don’t find any service listed, don’t bother. Contact us and we will take care of the rest.

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